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Emotional letter written by the chief rabbi of Tel Aviv, Isser Yehudah Unterman, to the father of the Irgun commander, Mordechai Raziel, in which he promises him that there is no halachic problem with transferring his son's remains from Iraq for reburial in Jerusalem. The letter is full of words of consolation and encouragement, and shows the great respect Rabbi Unterman had for the martyred David Raziel.

In the letter, Rabbi Untermann writes on "Thursday [of the week of the Torah] portion " ... when man sacrifices from themselves a sacrifice to Hash-m"

28 Adar 1961

Dear M.. Rabbi Mordechai Raziel-Rosenson,

I hereby notify you of the clear instruction, that there is no halachic impediment nor prohibition in arranging the funeral with the casket containing the remains of your dear son, one of Israel's great heroes who sacrificed his life for the good of the nation and the homeland, R' David Raziel, may his blood be avenged, on Mount Herzl, as was arranged and publicized nationwide.

We intend to stand next to the Great Synagogue, to pay respects reserved for him and his memory - to the son in whom Israel glories, and there is no reason to be concerned about halachic misgivings. So be reassured that in the end the departed has merited the respect reserved for him from the entire public, to rest in peace, and his fate will continue at the end of days, as Hash-m promised through his prophet.

With blessings of consolation and full health ...

Isser Yehudah Unterman

[1] leaf, 21x16 cm, official blank of the Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv.

Very fine condition, fold marks.


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