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May 8, 2018
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Amulet for swallowing from the sort the kabbalist Rabbi Yehudah Patiyah used to give. First half of the 20th century

'Expert amulet' - ink on paper. Long narrow paper with the words: 'פרעון קרון האן פינר קרון האן פרעון פינר האן פרעון קרון פינר חנט צורה'.

Ish MiBeit Lechim Yehudah by the gaon's great- grandson, Rabbi Yishai Shaul Dvir, [p. 256 onward] tells of Rabbi Yehudah Patiyah's amulets which were written on paper, known as 'expert amulets' and were usually general and not personal, and therefore also helped others. The author also writes that amulets of the type before us with identical writing were designated for swallowing and useful for fear and panic in children and adults and also for healing. The amulet was to be rolled up and swallowed, generally before going to sleep. For babies, it was put in their bottles. There were those who would put the amulet in water, and the water would be rubbed on the body of the patient, such as those with hepatitis, etc. The author tells a number of chilling stories about patients with various illnesses [hepatitis, asthma, fever] who were saved using the holy kabbalist, Rabbi Yehudah Patiah's "swallowing notes," and his amulets are proven to be useful this day today. See attached material.

The great kabbalist Rabbi Yehudah Moshe Patiah [1859-1942], among the great kabbalists of Baghdad, ordained at the age of 17 by Rabbi Abdullah Somech, started to learn kabbalah with Rabbi Yosef Chaim at a very young age. He conducted tikkunei nefesh for the departed, and hashbaot shedim to remove them from people's bodies. He was also an expert in dream interpretation, and was a focus of pilgrimage for many who needed salvation and blessings. In 1934, he moved to the Land of Israel, and settled in Jerusalem until his final day.

6x1/2 cm. Fine condition.

Ktubot, Shiviti, and Amulets