Auction No. 087

Old books, manuscripts, Judaica items, numismatics, coins

February 25, 2015
Opening $ 2,500
Estimate $ 4,000 - $ 5,000
Pair of Torah finials, owned by the gaon and tzaddik, Rabbi Masoud Asher Pinto. Silver. Morocco, 20th Century. 34 cm. tall, 10 cm. diameter. Tower. Base with decorative engravings and dedications לע"נ משה סריקי, ולע"נ ר' מרדכי זריהן. Hexagonal house, with a window with a gilt bell in each side. Bells on the angles of the six sides. Decorated roof, nicely designed. Rabbi Masoud Asher Pinto was born in Marrakesh, Morocco to Rabbi Moshe Laziz. In his youth, he studied Talmud, poskim and grammar by Rabbi Yaakov Danon. When he immigrated to Eretz Yisrael, he settled in Petach Tikva where he was the community Rabbi and was involved in educating the youth. He was known for his lofty character traits and humility, known as a 'living mussar work'. He died on Yom Kippur morning in 1989. He has a surviving son, Rabbi Moshe Pinto shlit"a. Along with a letter from Rabbi Moshe shlit"a confirming that he received the finials in his father's bequest. Missing a number of bells. Light repairs and welding. All in moderate - fine condition.