Winner's Unlimited - No. 101

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July 19, 2017
Opening $200
Estimate $500 - $800

A rare poster in which the Mapai party calls for the workers of all countries to unite and join together in fighting fascism and the German beast which threatened to reach the Land of Israel. End of April 1941. Liga printing press, Ramat Gan.

The poster was printed in May 1941 when rumors of what was happening in Europe began to reach Israel: "Multitudes of our Jewish nation, are tortured and starved, exiled and imprisoned, humiliated and scorned to the extreme - from Warsaw to Paris, from Zagreb to Salonika...".

The poster goes on to say that the Nazis' advance toward Greece is a stage in their advance toward the Land of Israel: "With the Nazis' advance in Greece, they are poised toward us as well, to the near east, to the Land of Israel and our work within it... Workers of the Land of Israel! The enemy is at the gates! Do not allow the Land to be abandoned to lack of defense and security...the danger of the fascist sword is hanging over our heads...". There is a call to consolidate forces to fight the advancing Nazi enemy: "We will add strength, increase our efforts, fortify ourselves and join together, we will build a bridge of peace and mutual understanding between the Jewish settlement and the working Arab, we will lay foundations for a joint future in this Land...".

The poster was printed in Hebrew on one side and copied in Yiddish on the other side.

Size: 24x21 cm. Folding mark in the center. A few creases.

Fine-very fine condition.

Holocaust & Anti-Semitism