Winner's Unlimited - No. 105

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February 21, 2018
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Four letters discussing childless couples. The Admor blesses them with "zera shel kayama" and encourages these childless couples who asked him for prayers and advice.

Amongst his words, the Admor includes medical advice and segulot: "He should go to the mikva every Tuesday, erev Shabbat and Shabbat; they should only drink a specific tea a few times a day; they should accept upon themselves to eat melava malka together and light candles for King David and say that in his merit they will have children ... his wife should go every week to collect charity and give it to Torah scholars on erev Shabbat; most important, if she wants children she must cover her hair so that she doesn't look like an unmarried young lady and she should merit to be a joyous mother of children." Rare.

The letters are not signed, however each one bears a note written by Rabbi Yaakov Menachem Rabinowitz [with his signature] testifiying that this is the manuscript of "my teacher and father-in-law the Admor."

Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Rosenbaum of Kretshnif [Rav Herschel'] [1920-2006] was the Admor of Kretshnif in Kfar Atta and then Jerusalem. He was born in Sighet. His father was Rabbi Chaim of Drohovitch, son of Rabbi Eliezer of Kretshnif. After the Holocaust,he immigrated to Jerusalem and made "tish" while yet an unmarried young man. After his wedding, he moved to Kiryat Atta, and in in 1982, moved to Jerusalem. He authored Torat Chaim V'Emunah on the Torah, Kedushat Tzvi and more.

Varying sizes, fine condition.

Letters from Rebbes