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Holy books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical & Admors letters, Americana & Judiaca

March 27, 2017
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Four works written by Rabbi Yisrael Meir HaKohen of Radin, author of the Chofetz Chaim and Mishnah Brurah. All first editions.

1> Shem Olam, section two. "To strengthen weakened hands..." Concludes with the Nefutzot Yisrael booklet, regarding the primary reasons that cause a person to wander to a different country. Warsaw, 1897.
Specifications: 46, [2] pages. With a list of omissions from his Shemirat HaLashon and Ahavat Chessed.
Background: The Chofetz Chaim perceived the spiritual dangers latent in the fact that the Jews were dispersing throughout the Diaspora and living in remote countries where they couldn't observe the Torah and fulfill mitzvot.

2> Chomat HaDat. Ideas for strengthening Torah study, mitzvah fulfillment and the establishment of Torah study groups. Piotrkow, 1905.
Specifications: 43, [1] paper. Brittle paper.
3> Maamar Torat HaBayit. Elucidates a person's great obligation to study Torah in his home, whenever he is free from work and other business, Piotrkow, 1907.
Specifications: 38 [1] pages. The last page features omissions from Shem Olam. Includes the Elbona shel Torah compilation.
4> Zechor L'Miriam. Suggestions that help a person refrain from forbidden speech. Piotrkow, [1925].
Specifications: 60 pages.
Condition: All the works are in fine condition.



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