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March 6, 2018
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Letter indicating Einstein's uncompromising approach in his search for solutions to complicated problems. This letter was sent to Mr. Noble, a chemist who had just finished serving as a navigator during the Second World War and was unsure what step to take on his professional path. Princeton, 1946.

Specifications: [1] letterhead, typewritten, signed by Prof. Einstein. 28x21 cm. English.
Includes [1] original envelope, 9x16 cm. Postmarked 21.4.1946.

Subject: Einstein tells Noble that he was impressed with his letter and is convinced that he has the capabilities for significant achievements in physics. "The main thing is this: if you have come across a question which interests you deeply stick to it for years and do never try to content yourself with the solution of superficial problems promising relatively easy success."

Mr. Clymer Marlay Noble Jr. finished his studies in chemistry at UC Berkeley and served as a navigator in the U. S. Air Force during the Second World War. His deliberations regarding his next career step caused him to write Einstein and ask for his advice. This letter is an integral part of Einstein's legacy. It portrays a caring person interested in giving advice and guidance that is relevant to everybody unsure and uncertain of their path, and not just this specific addressee. Mr. Noble decided to pursue chemistry and he worked in the field for thirty years.

Condition: The letter is in excellent condition, other than fold marks. The envelope has light tears on its side.

Letters by A. Einstein and Other Illustrious Personalities