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March 27, 2017
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Book of Habakuk, translated and elucidated into Yiddish by Rabbi Dovid Deutsch, Av Beit Din of Żary (Silesia).

Specifications: 39 pages. 17 cm. Translation printed on the left page with the elucidation in its margins.

Background: Rabbi Dovid Deutsch (1810-1873) was a disciple of Rabbi Mordechai Bennet and the Chatam Sofer. He battled the Reform his whole life. He published works opposing the Reform conventions in Brunswick and Frankfurt, opposed Geiger, and sharply attacked Rabbi Rativer for allowing an organ in the synagogue. He also reprinted the Chizuk Emunah with his comments. His elucidation on the Book of Habakuk was the first work he published. Though he was not yet thirty years old, it clearly indicates his mastery of Biblical elucidation. [Sources: Chatam Sofer V'Talmidav, p. 105; Maggid newspaper, 25th of Elul, 1873, p. 341]"
His primary intention was to provide scholars with a "kosher elucidation" so they would not need Mendelssohn's works that were banned by the leading Torah scholars of the time.

Condition: Very fine. Simple binding.



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