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February 22, 2017
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Seder Haggada shel Pesach with the Divrei Chaim commentary by the Admor of Sanz, along with Peninim by Rabbi Yechezkel Shraga Halberstam of Shinov. Lublin, 1936. The haggada was sent from Rabbi Meir Rubin of Tomashov to Rabbi Shlomo ben Yisrael, Rabbi of Iran. Signatures and stamps.

72 pages. With approbation from the author's grandson, Rabbi Aryeh Leibush Rubin, Admor of Tomahov-Cheshinov. Owner stamps: Rabbi Meir Rubin of Tomashov, great-grandson of the "Divrei Chaim", and son of Rabbi Aryeh Leibush Rubin who prepared the work and gave his approbation.
Rabbi Meir Rubin was an outstanding Torah scholar, scribe and leader, who published Torah articles. He passed away in Siberia in 1942, six weeks before his father. Rabbi Meir Rubin sent this Haggada in 1937 to Iran, to the Chief Rabbi Shlomo ben Yisrael Kohen Tzedek. With the stamp of Rabbi Meir and[apparently] the name and address in Iran in his own hand. With signatures and stamps, Shlomo ben Yisrael Kohen Tzedek - Katz, Beit din Tehran. He was the Chief Rabbi of Iranian Jewry.

Otzar Haggadot 3581.

Fine condition.

Glosses, Comments and Signatures in Haggadot