Auction No. 113

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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

Opening $ 1,000
Estimate $ 1,500 - $ 2,000

Halachic responsum by Yaakov de Castro. Manuscript prepared for print and then proofread by the author, the Maharik"sh. 3 marginal glosses in the hand of the Maharik"sh. These glosses were inserted in the printed responsum in his Shu"t Ohalei Yaakov, siman 2.

Rabbi Yaakov de Castro (1525-1612) was one of the prominent Later Authorities during the times of the Beit Yosef. He was a disciple of Rabbi Levi ben Chaviv (the Maharlba"ch) and Rabbi David ben Zimra (Radba"z). He served as rabbi of Egypt and headed the yeshivah there. In 1570, he was honorably hosted in the home of Rabbi Yosef Karo in Safed.
His works include Erech Lechem - glosses on the Shulchan Aruch; Shu"t Ohalei Yaakov - which was printed in Leghorn in 1783, about two hundred years after his passing. His novellae on Tractate Beitzah titled Toldot Yaakov were printed in Jerusalem, in 1865. His novellae on Tractate Bava Kama were recently printed from manuscript by the Ahavat Shalom yeshivah.

[1] leaf, 21x13 cm. Scribal writing on both sides of the leaf, the glosses of the Maharik"sh are on the second page. Fine condition. Professionally restored. Aging stains, minimal blemish to letters, the text is entirely legible.

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