Auction No. 113

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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

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Halachic letter handwritten and signed by Rabbi Yitzchak Berachiah Canton of Torino to Rabbi Yehudah Chaim Giron with respect to changing the place of the tzitzit on a tallit and regarding one who violated an oath. Torino, 1740.

Rabbi Yitzchak Berachiah Canton was one of the rabbinical leaders of Italy. He was selected to serve as rabbi of the Torino community in 1739. He was the close friend of Rabbi Yitzchak Lampronti, author of Pachad Yitzchak, and he even gave an approbation for the book. In Shu"t Shemesh Yitzchak (Yoreh Deah siman 12) there is a responsum from him. He is also mentioned in other books by his contemporaries. He authored Yated HaOhel on Ohel Moed.

Rabbi Yehudah Chaim Giron was among the sages of Kassel, known for the letters he sent to Rabbi Yishmael HaKohen in 1777. He is mentioned in Zecher David (first essay, chapter 39).

[2] pages. 15x19 cm. High-quality paper. The vast majority is in Hebrew in Italian script; there are a few lines in a foreign language. It is folded as an envelope with the addressee's address in Italian. Fine condition. Fold marks. Lack where the letter opens without blemish to the body of the responsum.

The Ramcha”l and Italian Jewry