Auction No. 113

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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

Opening $ 3,000
Estimate $ 4,000 - $ 5,000

Long letter addressed to Rabbi Yosef HaCohen Schwartz, one of the greatest scholars of Hungary and editor of the well-known periodical VaYelaket Yosef, containing a discussion about the customs of yahrzeit, which diverts, in the manner typical of Torah discussions, into the laws of divorce documents and of commerce.

Rabbi Shmuel Angel, the gaon of Radomyśl, (1853-1935), was Av Beit Din in Galicia and later in Košice, where he devoted himself to finding ways to permit the agunahs of World War I. He authored Shu"t Mahara"sh , 8 sections, Siftei Mahara"sh and Chiddushei Mahara"sh. His rabbi was Rabbi Chaim Halberstam, the founder of the Sanz Chassidism. He was ordained as a rabbi by Rabbi Yosef Shaul Nathansohn (the 'Sho'el UMeshiv') and Rabbi Shneur Zalman Fradkin (the 'Torat Chessed'). He was one of the greatest responders of his generation and all the rabbis of the generations and greatest Admorim appealed to him with halachic questions.

[1] leaf. Ink on paper. 33x20 cm. Entirely handwritten and signed by him. On the other side of the leaf, he added a line and signed his name.

Moderate-fine condition. The letter has been professionally restored. Light tears damaging the uppermost line. Except for a few words, everything is legible.

Manuscripts & letters. Ashkenaz