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July 19, 2016
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HaShluchot - Issue 5 of the Jewish Brigade. For the forces in Persia and Iraq. June, 1945.
Complete issue, 12 pages, printed by stencil, original staple, 34 cm.
This company was established in 1942 and was sent to Basra. Its personnel was later scattered among the ports and train stations in Iraq and Persia along the southern supply lines of the Allies to the USSR. This small company was stationed in a non-Jewish area. Its founders hoped that their placement would encourage communication with the Jews in the Soviet Union. However, they were disappointed. The soldiers were successful in opening lines of communication with the Jews of Iran and Iraq.
This is the last issue, published during the final stages of the war. It summarizes the activities of the Jewish soldiers in the war campaign and includes first-hand historic testimony about life in the Jewish communities in Iraq and original Hebrew songs such as בלדה על מחמוד.
Rare booklet, not listed by the National Library.
Aging stains, small tears at its edges. Fine condition. 

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