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Letters by A. Einstein and Other Illustrious Personalities, Zionism, Jewish Art, letters of Rabbis and Rebbes and Collection of letters to Sir Moses Montefiore from the archive of the late Rabbi Avraham Shisha - London - Buyer's commission 22%

March 6, 2018
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Historic placard explaining the necessity for founding Kollel Ungarin in Jerusalem and in the Land of Israel, despite the opposition of the rabbis of the city. The poster is signed by the founders and leaders of the kollel, prominent disciples of the Chatam Sofer who immigrated to Jerusalem. Jerusalem, 24th of Tammuz, 1862.

Specifications: [1] leaf, 21x28 cm.

Background: Poster of historic importance sent from Jerusalem to the Jews of Pest, notifying the Jews of Hungary that a special kollel had been founded for Hungarian immigrants, so that they would no longer be scattered among the Jerusalem kollels. They detail the manner in which donations will be collected and hint to expected difficulties "to distance all those agitators whose hearts want to interfere," which is what did happen in the battles between the kollels.

A large stamp of "Shomrei HaChomot Beit HaSofer V'HaMeir," as it was then called, is at center of the poster. Today it is known as "Kollel Shomrei HaChomot:" Kollel for immigrants from the states of Osterreich, Ungarin [Hungary], Mahren (Moravia) and Bohemen in Jerusalem, Safed and Tiberias. Signed by seven elders of the city, prominent disciples of the Chatam Sofer who immigrated to Jerusalem:

Rabbi Shimon Deutsch, beloved disciple of the Chatam Sofer, known for having copied complete compilations of Torah thoughts from his great teacher, and printing some of them as books. He immigrated to Jerusalem in 1842 and authored Zivchei Tzedek, Imrei Shefer, Beracha Metzuyan and more. He was a head of the kollel.
Rabbi Deutsch's son-in-law, Rabbi Moshe Nachum Wallenstein, one of the heads of the kollel.
Rabbi Yitzchak Prag-Prager, who signs אדם מוע"ט.
Rabbi Yonah Leib Mendelsohn who immigrated to Jerusalem in his youth, per his rabbi's advice. He was a leader of the kollel and traveled on fundraising missions on its behalf.
Rabbi Shmaya Yosef Gintzler, who immigrated from Ujhely to Jerusalem in 1860, and more.

Condition: Fine. Small tears and minimal aging stains. Fold marks.

Manuscripts & letters. Ashkenaz