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February 25, 2015
Opening $ 250
Estimate $ 400 - $ 500
Iggeret HaShalom. Regarding the controversy between chassidim and mitnagdim, by Baruch ben Refael Halevi Yafit, from סטאווראפאל in Caucasia. Petersburg, 1882. Only edition. 56 pages. 21 cm. Includes an article explaining the differences between a 'chassid' and 'mitnagid' and a letter written by the Alter Rebbe of Lubavitch, Rabbi Shneur Zalman, in 1784, to a meeting in Mogilev by 18 rabbis who wanted to excommunicate him. In addition to the letter of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn of Lubavitch, written to Avraham Aryeh Leib Mendelstam of Petersburg who wanted to institute a new educational system for youth. The second section features wise words and short anecdotes, primarily from the patriarchs of the Lubavitch chassidut and some from the GR"A. Rare. Simple binding. Aging stains. Minimal marginal tears without loss. Fine condition.