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Holy books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical & Admors letters, Americana & Judiaca

March 27, 2017
Opening $200
Estimate $300 - $400
Sold for $293
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Handwritten inscription from Rabbi Moshe Yechiel HaLevi Epstein of Ozerov, author of Esh Dat and Be'er Moshe, on a flyleaf of a book of Psalms with the Likutei Orot and Panim Yafot commentaries, from the holy brothers Rabbi Shmelke of Nikolsburg and the author of Panim Yafot [published in Warsaw, 1923], to his "mechuten" "the Rabbi and tzaddik, glory of the holy", Admor Dovid Mordechai Twersky of Tolna.

Specifications: [1] leaf, 13x22 cm. Above the signature of the Admor of Ozerov is the signature of Rabbi Dovid Mordechai of Tolna.

Background: Rabbi Dovid Mordechai was born in Tolna in 1888. His father, Rabbi Menachem Nachum was the son of Rabbi Mordechai, the only son of Rabbi Dovid of Tolna, patriach of the dynasty. Rabbi Dovid Mordechai received ordination at a young age and served as Rabbi in Tulchyn, Russia. In 1913, he moved to the United States. He was the second Admor to move from Russia to America. As soon as he arrived, his court drew the many chassidim that had arrived previously on the shores of the United States. He passed away in 1953. His son was Rabbi Yochanan of Tolna ztz"l, who settled in Bayit Vegan, Jerusalem. [Sefer HaYachas M'Chernobyl V'Ruzhin, p. 135; Toldot Anshei Shem, p. 53; Encyclopedia L'Chassidut, p. 495].

Condition: Fine-very fine. Tiny tears that have been professionally restored.

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