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Holy books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical & Admors letters, Americana & Judiaca

March 27, 2017
Opening $500
Estimate $800 - $1,000
Sold for $28,060
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Ir Giborim authored by Rabbi Shlomo Efraim Luntschitz, the Kli Yakar, Zolkiew edition [1798]. With signature of Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Teomim Frenkel of Komarno on the title page.

Specifications: [2], 26, 21, [1] 21, 20, 20. 22 cm. Two title pages.

Background: Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Teomim Frenkel was the son of Rabbi Baruch Frenkel Teomim. He was a prominent disciple of the Chozeh of Lublin, and was both erudite in Torah and affluent. He refused to enter the rabbinate and succeeded in business. In his old age, he agreed to enter the rabbinate so there would not be an interruption in rabbinical dynasty of the Frenkel-Teomim family. He was an advocate for chassidiut amongst the mitnagdim, and arranged the shidduch between his sister and Rabbi Chaim of Sanz (as noted by the Rabbi of Plonsk in his letter featured in Ohel Baruch). His teacher, the Chozeh of Lublin, greatly admired him and stood up for him. He was also honored by Rabbi Shalom of Belz. He passed away in 1843 and his epitaph includes great praises. (Ohel Baruch, p. 35; Encyclopedia L'Chassidut, volume 2, p. 76-77).

Condition: Fine. Blemish to the title page. The leaf before the second title page is cropped. Worn, loose binding.

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