Winner's Unlimited - No. 103

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November 29, 2017
Opening $ 150
Estimate $ 300 - $ 500

'An Informative Page' - 8 informative leaves from the months of May-June 1948 published by the 'Dorot' Kibbutz as part of an internal publication about the various events during the war - stencil print. Private publication of the Kibbutz, with no name of publisher and printer.

The page served as an internal newsletter which was circulated daily and describes the events during the war, providing a fascinating daily report. The titles appeared every day such as: 'Orders from the regional council' or 'News from the country and the southern front'. The publisher transmitted important information about the various developments in the war: "Yesterday evening we were informed about raids by our forces in Syria and Lebanon. Information was provided about attacks on the Malkia police station and nearby army camp. Two police stations on the Syrian border were blown up... after exchange of fire the Egyptians retreated toward Gaza...our forces advanced significantly toward Tulkarm...Bulgaria is prepared to recognize the State of Israel if asked to do so" and more.

After the notices are subjectively written paragraphs in order to encourage the soldiers, for example: The Security Council's battle for a ceasefire should merely be seen as an English plot... we will doubtless continue with the approach of counterattacks, raids and alertness". Or: "We have harsh information from Gush Etzion about brutal behavior toward our people...we must know and remember that despite the information from the newspapers we are well aware of the enemy's nature: cruel, trickery, zealous, devoid of all western decency (which are in doubt during war) and total contempt for human life in general." The newsletter also reports about the dates of the ceasefire, general news [a summary of Ben Gurion's speech at the Security Council], reports about the economy and more.

Each publication is one 'Informative Page'. The eight 'Pages' before us include:

Page no. 2: May 30, 1948

Page no. 5: June 2, 1948

Page no. 6: June 3, 1948

Page no. 7: June 4, 1948

Page no. 9: June 6, 1948

Page no. 11: June 8, 1948

Page no. 14: June 11, 1948

The 'Information Pages' before us do not appear in the National Library.

Very fine overall condition.