Winner's Unlimited - No. 101

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July 19, 2017
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'Kol Tzefat' April 23 1948. Published by the order of the commander of the city of Safed on behalf of the Hagana HaIvri in the Land of Israel, edited by Yeshayahu Ashni. Issue 3.

The issue before us mockingly reports above the British leaving Safed ["The manner in which the British left Safed revealed their true face. Last week they wanted to extort the posts we captured in battle from us...the treacherous, disgraceful and early exit of the "neutral" British from Safed...we have been freed from one cunning enemy who lived among us and at our expense and wished to destroy us..."]. The newspaper presents the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising as a model to be imitated in the war on the city of Safed ["The Nazis tried to break the ghetto and defeat its warriors for two weeks and were unsuccessful... Warriors of Safed pay attention!... The Israeli flag which was dropped in the ghetto wars will be re-flown over the fortress of Safed. Safed will be the capital of the Galilee..."]. In addition is a report about the Haganah forces who conquered Tiberius, and on how the city's Arabs fled, a notice about the death of Kokaji, the commander of the Arab gangs, the defensive war in Ramat Yochanan and more.

A total of 11 issues were published which accompanied the military effort with ongoing information from the city of Safed until it was finally captured in the War of Independence.

[1] leaf. 33x24 cm. A few tears, creases.

Moderate-fine condition.