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March 27, 2017
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Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah, simanim 1-111 (through the laws of Taarovot), surrounded by two elucidations: "Kreisi" (all the halachic rulings of the Rishonim and Achronim, and my decisions regarding what to innvoate and decide), and "Pleisi" (all the in-depth studies of Abayye and Rava in the poskim), by Rabbi Yehonatan Eibshitz, Av Beit Din and lecturer in AHU (I have developed this during the fifty years that I have been sitting in the rabbinate...).

Specifications: [3], 34 [should say: 35] 165 leaves. 30 cm. First edition.

Unique features: Includes various compilations clarifying special halachot: 'Pnei Nesher' regarding pure and impure birds and the 'Beit HaSafek' regarding "sfeikot" (uncertainties).

Background: In his preface, the author includes biographical information, details of his other works and information regarding the noted controversy between him and Rabbi Yaakov Emden.

Condition: Very fine. Old binding. Reinforcements in the margins of the title page. Minimal worming holes and aging stains.

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