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March 27, 2017
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Halachic clarifications for releasing agunot, "created by the war, concentration camps and ghettos," by Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Meisels, former Av Beit Din of Veitzen. After the war he served as Rabbi of Bergen-Belsen and Chief Rabbi of the British Zone, author of Mikadshei Hashem.

Specifications: [1], 38 pages. 27 cm.

Unique features: Very rare. Listed by the Bibliography of the Hebrew Book according to a copy in Heichal Shlomo, with a note that it was printed without a title page. The author's suggestion for releasing agunot was printed to elicit other rabbinic opinions on the matter.

Background: Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Meisels [1902-1974] was a rabbi in Galicia and Hungary before the Holocaust. After the war, he served as Chief Rabbi as the British Zone in Germany and the rabbi of Bergen-Belsen from 1945-1947. He moved to the United States where he served as rabbi and Admor in Chicago. A community of chassidim gathered around him and he was also a rosh yeshiva to students that he rescued from the Holocaust. He authored the Shu"t Binyan Zvi, printed before the Holocaust. He was renowned for the Shu"t Mikdashei Hashem with halachic questions raised during the Holocaust.

Condition: Very fine. Original jacket.