Auction No. 087

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February 25, 2015
Opening $ 80
2 identical medals honoring Jewish-Hungarian historian-philosopher Lőw Lipót. Silver and Bronze. End of the 19th century? 43 mm. diameter. Silver 72.5 grams. Bronze 61 grams. Low's bust on the obverses with his signature and date of birth and death. The reverse features the Great Synagogue of Szeged, Hungary and the punctuated Hebrew phrase, 'the world stands on three things…'. Lőw Lipót was a scion of the Maharal of Prague who adopted the Conservative position regarding making changes to halacha. He served in the rabbinate in a few Hungarian cities and was a spokesman for the Maskilim and reforms. He was strongly denounced by the rabbis and Orthodox Jewry. He radicalized his positions at the end of his life and became a Reformer. Within a case. Excellent condition.
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