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Compilation of responsa and legal novellae on Even HaEzer by Rabbi Moshe Chagiz. [Hamburg, 1719]

'HaKemach' is an abbreviation for "HaKatan Moshe Chagiz." The author was one of the great Sephardic sages of his generation. He was born in Jerusalem and was an emissary to European countries for many years. He lived in Amsterdam and Hamburg for extended periods and assisted the Chacham Tzvi and his son the Ya"avetz in their battle against remnants of the Sabbateans.

Interesting bibliographic phenomenon: On the book's title page, the year detail is written, and according to the customary calculation, it works out to 1711. However, there are a number of signs that it was printed a little later, and many bibliographers were misled by this. The book was actually printed in 1719. When the small letters that are between the large letters are also included in the calculation [and not just the large letters, as is customary], it does work out to 1719.

[4], 221, [3] leaves, 15 cm.

Very fine condition except for the slightly detached original binding.