Winner's Unlimited - No. 105

Eretz Israel and Zionism, Postcards and Photographs, Numismatics, Posters, Maps, Judaica, Holy books, Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes

February 21, 2018
Opening $ 400
Estimate $ 600 - $ 800
Sold for $ 537
Including buyer's premium

Letter signed by Admor Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn of Lubavitch sent to another Admor, during the days of Selichot, 1964. Ksiva V'Chasima Tova blessings for a good sweet year.

Typewritten with the signature of the Admor and a supplement in his hand.

Admor Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn [1902-1994] was the seventh Admor in the Lubavitch dynasty. He started serving as Admor in Shevat, 1951. He was one of the most prominent Admors of the previous generation. He was a fantastic genius in all aspects of the Torah and the sciences. His influence was felt all over the world. He created a giant enterprise of "shluchim" that do kiruv around the world. His goal was to create merits for the Jewish Nation so as to hasten the arrival of Mashiach.

22x14 cm. Filing holes. Very fine condition.

Letters from Rebbes