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January 21, 2019
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Letter signed by the Admor the RYY"Tz, sent to Rabbi Alexander Yudasin, Tishrei 1935.

In the letter, the Admor expresses astonishment that he had not received a letter from him in a long time, and he very much enjoys hearing that he is now doing well. He adds, "Thank G-d who arranged the issue of the rabbinate, and he will surely make effort to study the word of the Living G-d, and the Holy One, Blessed Be He will arrange his livelihood with profit and serenity enabling him to be very active in disseminating Torah and fear of Heav-n" and he blesses him that they raise their children to Torah, marriage and good deeds. His signature appears in the letter's margins.

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson, the Admor the RYY"Tz [1880-1950], was the sixth Admor in the Chaba"d Lubavitch dynasty, at whose head he stood from 1920 until his passing. Following his wedding in 1897, his father appointed him acting administrator of the Chaba"d Tomchei Temimim yeshivah which had been founded that same year. Shortly afterwards, the Communist revolution broke out, his father passed away, and he was appointed leader of the Chaba"d Lubavitch Chassidut. In the wake of Communist persecution, he established an undercover network of "Talmud Torahs" and yeshivahs in the USSR. The Admor the RYY"Tz was very involved in dealing with Jewish activities supplying religious necessities and Jewish education, which were illegal in the USSR. He arrived in New York by boat from Stockholm in 1940. After a short time, he acquired the renowned 770 building where he lived out his final years. This location later became world headquarters of Chaba"d Lubavitch.

[1] official paper leaf. 25x16 cm. Filing holes. Fine condition.

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