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Wednesday, 24 July 2019 at 6 pm
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Letter from Professor Einstein relating to "The Theory of Everything" - a united theory of physics which was supposed to represent physics in one inclusive theory. Einstein worked very much on this subject in his later years.

In the letter, Einstein expresses his opposition to republication of his scientific writings, as their value has expired with the great advancements in science:"You know very well that even those publications which had value at the time of their appearance have lost to later progress of science their actual interest."

He is happy to hear that Bohm is healthy and about his research successes. He notes that in the past few years, attempts have been made to complete quantum theory, but it appears they are still far from a satisfactory solution. He tried to find a solution himself, by creating a general theory of gravitation. But he has to admit that he has not yet found an explanation. "I have not the slightest idea what kind of elementary concepts could be used in such a theory."

[1] page, official stationery. 27x21 cm. The letter is typewritten and signed in Professor Einstein's hand. The signature got wet and is smudged.

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