Auction No. 102

Holy books, Chassidut, Manuscripts, Rabbinical & Admors' letters, Eretz Yisrael & Zionism, Americana, Judiaca & Prof. Albert Einstein

October 24, 2017
Opening $ 1,000
Estimate $ 1,200 - $ 1,500
Sold for $ 1,220
Including buyer's premium

Letter from the Admor Rabbi Avraham Weinberg of Slonim, a short time before leaving for Vienna to take part in the third Knessiah Gedolah. Bialystok, [1929].

Specifications: [1] leaf, paper postcard. 10x15 cm. In his handwriting and with his signature. The sender's and addressee's addresses are on the back of the postcard.

Content: The Admor writes about his intention to travel from Warsaw to Vienna and makes the necessary arrangements for his stay in Vienna.

Background: Rabbi Avraham Weinberg [1888-1981] author of Birkat Avraham, grandson of the author of Yesod Ha'Avodah, after whom he is named, the third Admor of Slonim, and father-in-law of Rabbi Shalom Noach Berezovsky, the fourth Admor.

Condition: Fine, a few ink smudges, slight stains.

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