Auction No. 113

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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

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Rabbi Yehudah Hager-Horowitz [1905-1989] was known as “Rebbe Yehudahl’e Dzikover." He was the son of Rabbi Alter Yechezkel Eliyahu, the Admor of Dzikow; and the grandson of Rabbi Yisrael of Vizhnitz. He studied under Rabbi Meir Arik. He married the daughter of his cousin, Rabbi Chaim Meir of Vizhnitz. In 1936, he served as dayan in Klausenberg. His father was killed in the Holocaust, but he adamantly refused to succeed his father as Admor of Dzikow. Despite this, many people were drawn to him, and he was known as a lofty, righteous person. He lived his last years in London, and was buried there. His grave has since become a pilgrimage site. His Torah and comments on a number of works have been printed recently. His letters are very rare.

Refer to Alfasi, section II 3-4.

The letter consists of 12 lines in which R' Yehudahl’e blesses the recipient upon the engagement of his daughter and wishes him mazal tov: "Yehi ratzon ... that it should be a successful match and that you merit to see nachas from her and all your descendants ...mazal tov to the groom and his family."

[3] pages. 14x19 cm. All in his hand and with his signature. Very fine condition.

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