Winner's Auctions No. 110

Eretz Israel and Zionism, Postcards and Photographs, Posters, Maps, Judaica, Holy books, Manuscripts, Manuscripts, Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes

November 7, 2018
Opening $200
Estimate $400 - $600
Sold for $854
Including buyer's premium

'There is an urgent issue which cannot be delayed ... the matter relates to three groups of settlements: the Southwest (Negev), the Southeast (Kfar Etzion and environs), and the western Galilee, the question of security in all these settlements is first and foremost the expansion of the settlement ...' Hurried and important letter with David Ben-Gurion's signature from about a half a year before the establishment of the State - December 1947. The letter is addressed to members of the agricultural center with a request to double and triple the number of settlers 'to the limit' - 'According to the recommendation of the majority committee, it will be prohibited for a Jew to settle in Arab territory during the transition period, and if we don't do it quickly, it may be too late.' Ben-Gurion calls to adopt an immediate plan to increase the settlements in the South and in the Galilee as fast as possible. 'Kaplan' referred to in the letter, upon whom Ben-Gurion relies to find money for this matter, is Eliezer Kaplan [1891-1952] who served at the time as a member of the administration of the Jewish Agency and became the first finance minister of the State of Israel.

[1] leaf paper 24x20 cm, stencil print with Ben-Gurion's signature. Tears in the margins, fold marks. Stains. Moderate-fine condition.