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July 19, 2017
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A halachic responsum written by the 'Gaon of Bacău' Rabbi Zev Shafran in his handwriting and with his signature. Dated 10 Sivan 5684 [June 12, 1924].

He was asked about a synagogue where the congregants want to elevate the men's section, making it a level higher than the women's gallery, while installing curtains on three sides to divide between the men's and women's galleries. The Rabbi writes a long response forbidding this, and writes that the women's section must be higher than the men's, and not on one level, as women often open the curtains and cause men to transgress "And nothing unseemly should be seen in you". He brings proofs from the Talmud and the Poskim (the 'Tikun Gadol' at the Simchat Beit Hashoeva and more). In the letter he also discusses whether it is permitted to break a wall in a synagogue. The letter ends in poetic language: "I am certain that the remnants of the Jewish people who are fearful of the word of God, will change nothing in the courtyard of God. And due to this we will merit to ascend to Zion joyfully."

Rabbi Bezalel Zev Shafran [1867-1930]. One of greatest Romanian Rabbis, a disciple of Rabbi Yitzchak Aharon Itinga and Rabbi Yaakov Weidenfeld, served as Rabbi of the city of Bacău for forty years. He ordained the majority of the Rabbis in the country. One of the great warriors against the phenomenon of the younger generation leaving religion, and one of the founders of the Agudat HaRabbanim in Romania. Author of "Shu"t HaRavaz" which contains thousands of his halachic responsa.

Legible and fluent writing. Restored tears with damage to the text in the margins with no significant effect on the content.

[1] paper leaf written on both sides. 30x23 cm.

Folding marks. Stains. Fine condition.

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