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Tuesday, April 5, 2016 - 17:30

384 . Letter from the General Committee with the signature of Rabbi Yitzchak Blazer [1905].

[1] page, 22x28 cm. Official paper of the General Committee of the Ashkenazi Kollelot in Israel. The letter was sent to David Shein and his wife and deals with the transfer of a donation to the committee.
The first signee with his signature and his interesting stamp is Rabbi Yitzchak Blazer [1837-1907]. Known as "Reb Itzelle Peterburger," he was one of the greatest students of Rabbi Yisrael Salanter and among the founders of the mussar movement in the Lithuanian yeshiva world. At first he worked as a painter, but his rabbi forbade him and obligated him to serve as the rabbi of St. Petersburg. In 1904 he immigrated to Jerusalem and settled in the Strauss Courtyard in the Musrara neighborhood. He refused to accept support, and despite his weakness and old age he worked as a clerk in the offices of the "General Committee." Author of the responsa Pri Yitzchak and Kochvei Ohr.
Folding signs. Very fine condition. 


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