Winner's Auctions No. 111

Important Historic Documents, Haskalah, Einstein, Seforim, Manuscripts and Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes

December 11, 2018
Opening $1,500
Estimate $2,500 - $3,000
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Letter from Jerusalem's illustrious sages, Ashkenazic and Sephardic rabbis to the noble and generous intercessor, Sir Moses Montefiore. Jerusalem, 1859.

The letter is signed in the personal handwriting of: The Rishon LeTzion Rabbi Chaim Nissim Abulafia, Rabbi Shmuel Salant, Rabbi Yeshaya Bardekey, and Rabbi Nissan Beck.

They write as follows: After the greetings, we wish to inform you of our receipt of our honorable Sir's letter ... containing the ten sterling pounds of succor from our honorable Sir, of assistance to the Bikur Cholim and Hachnasat Kallah organizations, in support of the poor among Hash-m's People who lie in utter destitution, and also in aid of poor or orphaned brides ... The 24 brothers, heads and leaders of the holy Ashkenazi and Sephardic communities.

Rishon LeTzion Rabbi Chaim Nissim Abulafia - Known as HaRav Chann"ah, was born in Tiberias in 1798 and served in the local rabbinate many years. In 1855 he became the rabbi of Jerusalem and Rishon LeTzion until his passing in 1861.

Rabbi Shmuel Salant (1816-1909), rabbi of Jerusalem and leader of the Ashkenazic community for nearly half a century, immigrated to the Land of Israel in 1841 and subsequently served in various positions in Jerusalem for seventy years. He was the head of all charitable activities and Torah institutions in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Yeshaya Bardekey (1790-1863) head of the Ashkenazic community in Jerusalem, disciple of Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin, and son-in-law of Rabbi Yisrael of Shklov, author of Pe'at HaShulchan. He immigrated to Safed in 1810, and after the earthquake in 1837, moved to Jerusalem and stood at the head of the Ashkenazic settlement.

Rabbi Nissan Beck, son of the renowned printer Rabbi Yisrael Beck, and ran the publishing house after his father, a faithful disciple of the Admor Rabbi Yisrael of Ruzhin and his son, the Admor of Sadigura. He was one of the greatest Jewish activists in Jerusalem.

[1] leaf, paper. 21x21 cm. Blue paper.

Condition Very fine. Filing holes.

Sir Moses Montefiore