Auction No. 113

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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

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Letter by one of the most famous leaders in history, who was a writer, historian, politician, diplomat, military leader, gifted speaker, the architect of the victory over Nazi Germany, and British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill.

The letter was sent from his office in 1927, when he served as the Chancellor of Exchequer in the British Government and is addressed to Mr. Curtis Brown, who was the owner and founder of one of the largest publishing agencies in England.

The letter deals with the publishing of his books. In the body of the letter, Churchill informs Brown that he will give him the materials for the fourth volume of his well-known series of books The World Crisis not before September 1928 (the volume was eventually published in 1929). In addition, Churchill informs Brown that he does not remember promising Brown that he would write his memoirs, as Brown claims - and therefore, he sees himself free from such a promise. Yet, he adds that when it becomes possible, he will give it his full attention. (Churchill's memoir was eventually published in 1930 by Thornton Butterworth and was titled My Early Life).

At the end of the letter, Churchill expresses his joy over Brown's correspondence with the writer and sceenwriter Ray Long.

[1] leaf, 18x23 cm, ink on the official stationery of the British treasury, typewritten and signed in black ink.

Very fine condition, a fold crosswise and lengthwise, framed.

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