Winner's Auctions No. 111

Important Historic Documents, Haskalah, Einstein, Seforim, Manuscripts and Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes

December 11, 2018
Opening $700
Estimate $800 - $1,000

Handwritten and signed letter by Rabbi Yitzchak Aharon Ettinga. Lemberg [1886?].

The letter concerns charity funds designated for the Sephardic Kollel in Jerusalem [three lines in his handwriting and with his signature].

The gaon Rabbi Yitzchak Aharon Ettinga [1827-1891] was among the greatest Torah personalities of his generation. His father was Rabbi Mordechai Zeev Ettinga, brother-in-law of Rabbi Yosef Shaul Notenhausen, with whom he studied as chavruta for many years, and together composed the well-known book Mifarshei HaYam.

Rabbi Yitzchak Aharon was his father's primary disciple, and also considered among the generation's great geniuses in his own right. Halachic questions were addressed to him from all over the country. He was very wealthy, and refused rabbinical offers. He was a disciple of Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac of Zidichov, and later a close associate of Rabbi Chaim of Sanz. He served as 'Nasi [President] of the Land of Israel in Galicia,' during which time Rabbi Chaim of Sanz stood at his side. In his final years, he served as rabbi of Lemberg. His responsa were printed in Maamar Mordechai L'Aviv, and in two volumes called Shu"t Mahar"a HaLevi, published after his passing.

[1] leaf. Ink on paper. 9X19 cm. Fine condition. Fold mark.

Letters from Ashkenazic Rabbis