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June 20, 2017
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Letter from Rabbi Mordechai Rokeach of Bilgoray. [c. 1945-1950].

Specifications: [1] leaf. 21x20 cm. 14 lines in his handwriting, with his signature and stamp.

Content: The letter was sent to the members of the Chief Rabbinate in Tel Aviv and discusses the necessity of finding employment for a Holocaust survivor Torah scholar "who underwent a number of adventures." He suggests that they employ him in the field of kashrut, since the Torah scholar is very capable and an appropriate candidate for such a job.

Background: Rabbi Mordechai Rokeach was born in Belz. His father was Rabbi Yissacher Dov Rokeach of Belz. In his youth, he was appointed Rabbi of Bilgoray. During the Holocaust, he wandered from place to place, until he joined his brother Rabbi Aharon Rokeach, the Admor of Belz. In 1943, he reached Hungary together with his brother. They stayed in Budapest until they were informed that the Gestapo was after them and demanding that the Hungarian government give them over. They miraculously fled until they reached Palestine. After he found out that his wife and children were murdered in the Holocaust, he remarried. His only son is the current Admor of Belz.

Condition: Fine. Marginal tears, without loss of text. Minimal stains and folds.

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