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May 3, 2017
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Letter regarding the prohibition of opening bottle caps on Shabbat [written about four months before his death.]

The Admor brings proofs from the Talmud and poskim verifying his opinion that it is forbidden to open caps. He agrees with the opinion of Rabbi Brandsofer, who did not allow this. He writes in length about the severity of teaching Jews incorrect information, and he quotes from the Shaarei Teshuva of Rabbeinu Yonah, Sefer Chassidim and more. The margins bear the signature of the Admor: הק' יצחק אייזיק ראזענבוים בהרה"ק מוה"ר איתמר זצללה"ה. the letter was sent to Rabbi Nissim Karelitz on the 28th of Adar, 2000 [dated in the letter].

Rabbi Yitzchak Eizik Rosenbaum [1906-2000] was the son of Admor Itamar of Nadvorna. He served as Admor in Zutchke and Vashkowitz. He survived the Holocaust, through a miracle that occurred on the 5th of Nissan, 1944, and his descendants celebrate this miracle annually. In 1973, he moved to Israel where he settled in Tel Aviv and then Beni Brak, where he established a beit medrash. Many flocked to his door to receive blessings and advice, and he was known as a miracle worker.

[1] letterhead. 30x21 cm. Tear along the length of the page [taped on the reverse], fold marks. Fine condition.  

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