Winner's Auctions No. 111

Important Historic Documents, Haskalah, Einstein, Seforim, Manuscripts and Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes

December 11, 2018
Opening $4,000
Estimate $5,000 - $6,000

Two letters from scholarly leaders of the Ashkenazic settlement in Jerusalem, the first to Montefiore and the second to the philanthropist Oppenheimer of Kingsburgh, attached to the letter to Montefiore. Jerusalem, 1858.

The letter from 1858 is signed by:

* Rabbi Yeshaya Bardaki (1790-1863), student of Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin, son-in-law of Rabbi Yisrael of Sklow. Multifaceted activist for the Jewish settlement in Jerusalem.

* Rabbi Yosef Zundel of Salant (1786-1865) among the greatest of Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin's students, known as "The third mouth of the GR"A" father-in-law of Rabbi Shmuel of Salant, among the heads of the Jewish settlement in Jerusalem.

* Rabbi Shimon Zarchi Av Beit Din of Tevrig (1788-1860) immigrated to the Land of Israel in 1857 and was the first president of Talmud Torah and Yeshivat Etz Chaim, taught Torah in the Churvah of Rabbi Yehudah HeChassid, and did not leave the walls of the city from the day he arrived in Jerusalem until the day of his passing. Tremendous gaon and righteous in all his ways, Shu"t Nachalat Shimon is among his works.

The second letter is signed by Rabbi Y. Z. Salant and Rabbi Yeshaya Bardaki.

[1] page, paper. 28x22 cm. Thin blue paper.

Fold marks, filing holes, aging stains, the color of the leaf is faded at its edges.

Sir Moses Montefiore