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Holy books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical & Admors letters, Americana & Judiaca

March 27, 2017
Opening $ 2,000
Estimate $ 2,300 - $ 2,600
Sold for $ 2,440
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"A letter with the stamp and signature of the Rebbe Rabbi Chaim of Antinia, to his disciples and followers in the city of Safed, and to Rabbi Yosef Zvi [Geiger, director and representative of Kollel Bukovina in Safed], regarding sending money to the members of the Kollel. 

Specifications: [1] paper leaf, 22x14 cm. A letter from the year 1925.

Unique Features: On one side is a letter from the Rebbe Rabbi Chaim of Antinia, with his stamp and signature. On the other side is a letter from his Gabai Mendel Waltzer requesting a mehudar etrog to be sent to him. 

Background: Rabbi Chaim, the Rebbe of Antinia, son of the Rebbe Rabbi Baruch of Vizhnitz, born in 1863 and named after his grandfather Rabbi Chaim of Kosov, son-in-law of Rabbi Yitzchak of Bohush, grandson of Rabbi Yisrael of Kozin. Served as Rebbe from 1893 for forty years, until his death in 1932. From a young age he was known as a great and sharp genius and as extremely diligent. He was ordained at a very young age by the leading Galician Rabbis - Rabbi Shlomo of Sokal, author of the responsa Beit Shlomo; the Gaon of Grzymałów, author of Kochav M'Yaakov; and Rabbi Yitzchak Shmelkish, Av Beit Din of Lvov. The author of Responsa Beit Yitzchak describes him as the light of Israel, the crown of the diaspora, [refer to Ohalei Shem ibid].

He was the president of the Bukovina Kollel for seventeen years, and put great efforts into sustaining the kollel. The books Nimukei Chaim and Tal Chaim were printed from his teachings. His writings were also published in various Torah compilations, and many more remained in manuscript form.

Condition: Very fine. Folding marks.  "

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