Auction No. 098

Holy books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical & Admors letters, Americana & Judiaca

March 27, 2017
Opening $ 800
Estimate $ 1,200 - $ 1,500
Sold for $ 4,392
Including buyer's premium

A loan document with an extension and a re-mortgaging of the community's pledge, in the second generation after the expulsion from Spain, with Rabbi Shmuel son of Yitzchak Assiag.

Specifications: [2] pages of paper, 21x28 cm. Sephardi handwriting on both sides.

Unique Features: An ancient and important document. Signed by Rabbi Sa'adyah son of Amron Fedida "scribe", Rabbi Shmuel son of Yosef Assiag "scribe", Rabbi Yaakov Tzarfati and others. Rabbis and heads of the Fez community a generation after the expulsion from Spain are mentioned in it, among them: Rabbi Yosef Uziel, Rabbi Avraham Avizirdel, Rabbi Shlomo Cohen Elchadad, Rabbi Chaim HaCohen son of Moshe, Shamtuv Benesatun HaLevi, Yosef Nachmias son of Moshe, Yitzchak Sanans, Avraham Yisrael, Yaakov Elazar, Nissim son of Zichri, Maimon Azourdov, Rabbi Eliezer Kalhorano and others. 

Condition: Moderate. Folding marks, worming holes, wear at the edge of the leaf with damage to text, scotch tape for reinforcement on the folding marks. 

Sephardic rabbis letters