Winner's Unlimited - Haggadot Shel Pesach

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February 22, 2017
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* Seder Haggada shel Pesach with the Aggadita D'Pischa...from the manuscript of the Shaar Yissacher...Chaim Elazar Shapira...Munkacs, at the Schlesinger Bros. press, New York, 1945. Otzar Haggadot 3973.

* Seder Haggada shel Pesach, Ohr Zoreich...according to the works of Nachman...of Breslov and his disciple...Rabbi Nosson...and other disciples....arranged by...Moshe Yehoshua. Chorev press, Jerusalem, [1947]. Otzar Haggadot 4042.

* Seder Haggada shel Pesach with the Mareh Yechezkel commentary...from Rabbi Yechekzel Paneth...and the author's son, and we've included a Maamar Kadosh...first printed in 1879...and now reprinted by....Shmuel Yuda Paneth. ספארגראף company printing, New York, [1950]. Otzar Haggadot 4191.

* Haggada shel Pesach with nice compilations...disciples of the G-dly Rabbi ...Yisrael Besh"t...republished by Avraham Nosson Barnet. HaTichya publishing, Jerusalem, [1959]. Otzar Haggadot 4604.

* Haggada shel Pesach with the Divrei Yechezkel Shraga by Yechezkel Shraga Lipshitz Halberstam, the Admor of Stropkov. Printed by the "Vaad Chassidei Sanz Shinova Stropkov in Eretz Yisrael," Jerusalem, 1963. Some of the pages are still uncut. 

Fine condition.

Chassidic Haggadot