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January 21, 2019
Opening $ 500
Estimate $ 800 - $ 1,000

Five books by the Gaon of Vilna, first editions. Some are incomplete copies.

* Apei Ravrivei. Shulchan Aruch Even HaEzer with the Beit Shmuel and Chelkat Mechokek with the Biur HaGR"A. Vilna and Grodno [1812-1819]. Early first edition of Biur HaGR"A. [2], 3-24, 23-55, 188 leaves. Missing title page. Vinograd, Sifrei HaGR"A 753, 754.

Printing of the Biur HaGR"A on the Shulchan Aruch Even HaEzer was first started in Grodno in 1812. Only a small section was printed, through siman 25, with only the Biur HaGR"A and no other commentaries. That printing was terminated because of the Napoleonic Wars. Even a title page wasn't printed. When the printing was restarted in 1819, the Biur HaGR"A was printed with additional commentaries, from the start of the Shulchan Aruch until its conclusion, in a format such that whoever had the previous first section could complete his copy. Refer to: H. Lieberman, Ohel Rache"l II, p. 389-400. This is an early edition, including: through siman 25 of the Shuchan Aruch with only the Biur HaGR"A, as it was printed in 1812. Later the Beit Shmuel and Chelkat Michokek commentaries were printed for these simanim. This is followed by simanim 26 through the end of the Shulchan Aruch surrounded by all the commentaries together. This copy has a sticker at the end of the early edition. The early edition ended in the middle of siman 26, and in 1819, the bottom of the page was covered with a sticker with a chart of the simanim, and started printing again from the beginning of the siman. However, the title page printed in 1819 is lacking.

* Later Prophets, with Rash"i's commentary, Metzudat David, Metzudat Tzion with Yiddish and with the Biur HaGR"A. Vilna Grodno [1820]. First edition of the Biur HaGR"A on Na"ch. Vinograd, Sifrei HaGRA 24. Isaiah: [1], 151, 151-154 [should be: 155], lacking the second title page, Ezekiel and The Twelve. 2-128: 114 [2], 117-134. Lacking the start of the volume and the folded leaves.

* Elya' Raba. The GR"A's commentary on Mishnayot Seder Teharot. Brunn, [1802]. First edition. 44 leaves. Missing the title page and approbations. Vinograd, Sifrei HaGR"A 241.

Psikta Rabbati with the Hagahot HaGR"A. Breslau, [1831]. First edition. 79 leaves, lacking title page, approbations and introduction. Vinograd, Sifrei HaGR"A 1398.