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October 24, 2017
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Machzor L'Ymei HaSelichot and Hatarat Nedarim. The first Hebrew book printed in Bombay. Bombay, 1841.

Specifications: [1] 41 [1] leaves, approximately 20 cm. Lithographic print from a manuscript.

Unique Features: Extremely rare book. The entire book is written in vowelized print. Brought to print by Shalom Sharabi. He was a Jew who came from Yemen, lived in Cochin and later in Bombay, served as a poet, cantor, ritual slaughterer and mohel, and had a tremendous influence on the 'Bnei Israel' in India (refer to: A. Ya'ari, HaDefuss HaIvri B'Artzot HaMizrach, part two, page 52).

The first Hebrew book printed in Bombay, refer to: Moshe Rosenfeld, Hebrew Printing from its Beginning until 1948, Jerusalem, 1992, number 898. However, several years prior to the printing of this book, a missionary printed a book in Marathi which was aimed at Jews in Bombay, but this is the first Hebrew book printed there. Refer to Ya'ari, ibid.

Content: 'G-d in Heaven, give life and peace to our master and king,' is printed on page 20. In the manuscript, the words 'our master and king' are in parentheses and the words 'to our mistress the queen' are written. In this period, India was part of the British empire, which was ruled over by Queen Victoria. Ya'ari, Reshimat HaSefarim Shenidpesu B'Bombay, no. 90.

Condition: Fine. Aging stains. Original blemished leather binding.

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