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Holy books, Chassidut, Manuscripts, Rabbinical & Admors' letters, Eretz Yisrael & Zionism, Americana, Judiaca & Prof. Albert Einstein

October 24, 2017
Opening $ 800
Estimate $ 1,200 - $ 1,500
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Machzor Moadei Hashem [the Ma'ariv prayer and the Pesach Haggadah] according to the custom of the Sephardim. Corfu, at the printing press of Yosef Nachmoli. 1877. Extremely rare.

Specifications: 52 leaves, 19 cm. Otzar HaHaggadot 1490. Ginzei Yisrael- Mehlman Collection 351.

Content: Contains the Ma'ariv prayer and the Pesach Haggadah. With piyutim at the end of the Haggadah according to the Ashkenazi custom.

Unique Features: Very few Hebrew books were printed on the island of Corfu by the printer Nachmoli, and some were printed in a limited number of copies. It seems that the Haggadah before us with the Ma'ariv prayer is part of a machzor for the entire year which was never printed. A similar Haggadah was printed in Corfu in the same year by the name Arvit V'Haggadah Shel Pesach. However, on the title page before us, "Machzor Moadei Hashem ... Chag HaMatzot" is printed. "Arvit V'Haggadah" is printed on the second leaf, and on page [25]: "Haggadah."

Background: For more information about the Hebrew printing press in Corfu, refer to: Haberman, Defusei Corfu (in: Perakim B'Toldot HaMadpisim Ha'Ivrim). The rare Haggadah before us is no. 2.

Condition: Moderate-fine. Slight tears in the margins.

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