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March 27, 2017
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Elucidation on the Shulchan Aruch on the Seder Leil Pesach [Orach Chaim, simanim 472-484, with text], commentary on the haggada, and novellae on the other laws related to Passover by Rabbi Ezra Malki of Safed.

Specifications: [2], 24; 18; 25-160 leaves. 29 cm. First edition.

Content: In addition to the elucidation on the Shulchan Aruch and haggada, this work includes: an elucidation on the Rambam on the laws of the Korban Pesach...lulav...Rosh Hashana, novellae on the SM"G laws of Chanuka, and ends with compilations on tractates and novellae on the terminology of the verses. The work opens with a preface by the author and Rabbi Aharon Amarilio of Salonica, author of Pnei Aharon.

Leaves 1-17 of the second pagination feature the commentary on the Passover haggada, with the haggada text (not vowelized).

Unique features: The title page bears owner signatures of Chananel Badarsi, Salonica sage, son of Rabbi Yehoshua Badarsi, author of Harei Besamim (Salonica, 1793). He passed away in 1784, and his epitaph includes praises for his righteousness and breadth of Torah knowledge (Matzeivot Saloniki, section two, p. 772).

Background: Rabbi Ezra Malki was the son of famed doctor and rabbi, Rabbi Refael Mordechai Malki (the father-in-law of the "Pri Chadash" and Rabbi Moshe Chagiz). He was sent on a fundraising mission on behalf of the Jews of Safed, and, at its conclusion, accepted a position as the rabbi of Rhodes. He served in that position until his death in 1778. His printed works included Shemen La'Meor, Einot Mayim and Shu"t Ein MIshpat.

Condition: Fine, aging stains.

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