Auction No. 113

Famous personalities, Art, Seforim, Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes

Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

Opening $ 1,000
Estimate $ 3,000 - $ 4,000
Sold for $ 3,660
Including buyer's premium

Manuscript of Nof Etz Chaim. Compilations of Torah, Prophets and Writings from the Ariza"l, as recorded by his great disciple, Rabbi Chaim Vital, and arranged by Rabbi Meir Poppers. Written by Shmuel son of Yitzchak Tzoref, Yemnitz [Moravia], [1746]. Complete work.

The title page notes: "Sefer Nof Etz Chaim V'Nof ..." The book is comparable to the later printed edition from 1775 in Zolkiew, under the title Likutei Torah V'Neviim V'Ktuvim. Illustrated title page. The second pagination features the work on Prophets and Writings. Includes the writer's concluding words for each of the two sections. The colophon notes: [in Hebrew] Today, Thursday, 13th of Shevat, 1746, here in Yemnitz.

At the end of the introduction, the copier writes the foreword to Meshivat Nafesh by Rabbi Yaakov Tzemach, with a discussion of the Ariza"l's greatness. In that passage, he mentions his name: שמואל בן מוהר"ר יצחק צורף מילדי ק"ק אייזן שטאט ממדינת הגר [Shmuel son of Rabbi Yitzchak Tzoref, of Eisenstadt, Hager]. This name is not known to be affiliated with any other manuscripts.

Organized manuscript with titles and pagination, with titles at the beginning of each weekly Torah portion and book, and a large initial word at the start of each passage. The margins feature a few corrections, some apparently by the author, but most in another hand. A few glosses are signed "Gershon," on leaf 17, 59 and on 83 as "והוא רחום יכפר עון גרשון השפל ונבזה בעינו."

[8], 101: 31 leaves. 16.5x20.5 cm. Fine condition. Minimal stains. Half leather binding.

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