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Holy books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical & Admors letters, Americana & Judiaca

March 27, 2017
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Responsa Masa'at Moshe, part two on the order of the Arba Turim, by Rabbi Moshe Yisrael Av Beit Din of Rhodes. 

Specifications: [2] 124 leaves. 30 cm. First edition. 

Unique Features: On the book's title page is the signature of Rabbi Yitzchak Sedaka, one of the Rabbis of early 18th century Sofia.

Additional owners: The young one son of Rabbi Reuven, perhaps this is the son of Rabbi Reuven son of Rabbi Yaakov, Rabbi of Sofia at the time. There is also a stamp of Rabbi Chizkiyahu Medini author of the 'Sdei Chemed'. 

Background: Legend tells that he was removed from his position due to argument and strife, and as soon as Yitzchak left the city, a plague broke out among the people. Many of the city's residents went after him, led by the leaders, re-instated him to his position and the plague ceased. Responsa from him were printed in the responsas Michtam L'David by Rabbi David Pardo and Be'er Mayim Chaim. The introduction to the book Shemo Yosef (Salonika 1769) writes about him that he is one of the early sages, one of those who reveal the secrets, knowledgeable in both the hidden and revealed Torah, both privately and publicly, the Chief Rabbi who is as humble as Hillel Rabbi Yitzchak Sedaka. (Refer to Rabbi D. Pipano, Shulshelet Rabbanei Sofia, at the end of his book Chagar HaEfod, Sofia 1925, 22).

Condition: Fine-very fine. Minimal worming holes.   

Books printed in Constantinople and Izmir