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Rare Books & Manuscripts, Rabbinical letters, Zionism, Erez Israel, Judiaca objects & art, numismatics & archeology

July 19, 2016
Opening $ 750
Estimate $ 1,000 - $ 1,500
Sold for $ 1,830
Including buyer's premium

Mekor Chochmah. Articles from the Zohar translated into Hebrew according to the parshiot of the Torah, by Rabbi Yissacher Ber b"r Moshe Petachya of Kremnitz. Prague, [1610]. First edition. Pedigreed copy.
38 [should say: 40], 20 cm. Many prominent approbations on the last leaf, including those of Rabbi Mordechai Yoffe, author of the Levush; Rabbi Menachem Azarya of Fano; author of the Shl"a. Along with approbations from Safed from Rabbi Gedalya Cordevero, son of the Rama"k; and Rabbi Yisrael Luria Ashkenazi.
Owner signature on title page apparently from Shimshon Wertheimer the maggid. With a later signature of Nosson Adler Katz, possibly Rabbi Nosson Adler of Frankfurt, rabbi of the Chatam Sofer, who delved in kabbalah. Additional owner signatures and stamps. 
Half-leather binding. Aging stains. Very fine condition. 

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