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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

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Rabbi Yeshaya Romanin was a disciple of the Ramchal's. In an interesting twist, he dedicated this work to Rabbi Moshe Menachem Merari. Rabbi Moshe was among the Viennese rabbis who forced the Ramcha"l to swear that he would stop publishing kabbalistic works and even removed his books from circulation, just a short time after this book was published.

In 1727, the Ramcha"l was visited by the "Maggid" who disclosed many kabbalistic secrets to him. He concealed these visits for about half a year, but then told a few of his disciples about them. The news spread until it was heard by Rabbi Moshe Chagiz, a primary opponent of Sabbateanism. Rabbi Moshe Chagiz then turned to the Viennese rabbis with letters cautioning them about the Ramcha"l. The ensuing polemic grew to encompass most of the Italian rabbis. At the end, in Av 1730, the Ramcha"l was forced to stop studying kabbalah and all of his writings were locked in a trunk. Rabbi Moshe Menachem Merari was one of the rabbis who signed opposing the Ramcha"l. The author, who was a disciple of the Ramcha"l's and whose book bears a poem by the Ramcha"l, dedicated his work to Rabbi Merari. The book indicates that up until just a few months before the polemic, the Ramcha"l was still completely accepted amongst the Viennese rabbis, and it was only at the very end of 1730 that Rabbi Moshe Chagiz started the call to oppose him.

The book itself is a commentary on the "Ta Shema" selichah authored by Rabbi Ephraim of Bonn. The text of the annulment of vows was added at the end of the book.

17 leaves, 34 pages, 17 cm. The title notes:"הגיע לחלק הנעלה מוה"ר רפאל רוויגו." Very fine condition. Minimal aging stains, cardboard binding.

The Ramcha”l and Italian Jewry