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January 21, 2019
Opening $ 100
Estimate $ 200 - $ 400

"Eternal memorial from the society of the Chayei Olam Talmud Torah and Yeshivah and Kitchen for Orphans" - "Memorial for the belated righteous rabbi Moshe Yaakov Rabikov, ztz"l, son of Yosef HaCohen." Memorial leaf for the "Holy Shoemaker" Rabbi Moshe Yaakov Rabikov. Printed after his passing on 22 Tishrei 1966.

Color lithograph print with illustrations of holy sites, with the shoemakers's name handwritten in ink, as well as his date of passing. Rare.

Rabbi Moshe Yaakov son of Rabbi Yosef HaCohen Rabikov [1873-1966], "The Holy Shoemaker" was a disciple of the author of Leshem, a hidden tzaddik, kabbalist and wonder-worker. After the Chazon Ish encouraged him to make himself available to the public, he became known and many visited him each day, were blessed by him and experienced salvation.

35x47 cm. Very fine condition.