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February 25, 2015
Opening $ 500
Estimate $ 800 - $ 1,000
Meturgeman. Elucidation of the Aramaic words in the "targums" of the Torah, by Rabbi Eliyahu Ashkenazi [Bachur]. Isny, 1541. First edition. [7], 164 leaves. 30 cm. Elucidation of Aramaic words in the different targums of the Torah, Prophets and Writings. Translation of the Aramaic into Hebrew, with thousands of elucidations of the verses of Tanach. Includes ideas related to the Christian faith – regarding the Hebrew words that they distorted to suit their needs. The author learned and taught in Italy. However, he printed his book in Germany, perhaps because of censorship. The entire book is in square, punctuated Hebrew letters. The letters are all nice woodcuts, unusual. With a lengthy introduction by the author explaining his motivation to write this book. In addition to a Latin introduction by printer Paul Fagius. There are a number of variants of this edition. This copy features the Latin title page, the introductions and the leaf "Amar HaMiyased" at the conclusion, with poems, and the printer's device on the entire last page, with verses exclusively in Hebrew. It seems that the binder inserted a leaf from a different edition [leaf 2 in this copy] in the printer's Latin introduction – hundreds of years ago. Prestigious copy: The top of the title page bears the signature: לה' הארץ ומלואה נאם יעקב טריוש אשכנזי הנקרא ר' יעקב בריסקר. Rabbi Yaakov Brisker collaborated on the noted "Siftei Chachamim" on Rashi's commentary on the Torah. He is mentioned in the introduction of the author, Rabbi Shabtai Bass Meshorer of Prague, which was printed in Frankfurt A.M., [1712]. As mentioned, the ones who gave the approbations and the author mention the person signed on the title page of this book as a collaborator on the work and whose commentaries are embedded within "Siftei Chachamim". [At the beginning of the author's Hebrew introduction [leaf 3], there is a very early signature, apparently written soon after the book was printed יודא בן מוהר"ר רפאל [?] אליעזר הלוי ז"ל.] Original, nice brown leather binding. Spine decorated with original gold decorations. Light blemishes. The title page was blemished, and solitary letters were repaired with a professional reproduction. On its reverse, a number of line sections from the Latin introduction were repaired in the same manner. Aging stains. Light blemish to the bottom corner of a number of leaves at the end of the book. Fine condition.
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